28 Replies to “Shami kabab Recipe شامی کباب بسیار آسان خوشمزه”

  1. Muy buena receta de hamburguesas con esa carne que has preparado y con esa salsa blanca tan tipica vuestra, me ha encantado la preparacion y la elaboracion de la receta y el emplatado de lujo. Muchas gracias por compartir y saludos desde España, Galicia

  2. I appreciate the degree in which you take notice of the care in which we assemble these videos, and also take the extra time to point out your observances it been while when i visited you channel sorry for that there's always a touched of love passion in all those plates and that's why the output are all succulent yummy tasty delicious looking…Wow list of all deliciousness super delicious and your way of preparing it is just perfect

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